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Are You Looking For The Best Excavating Company in Barnstable, MA?

If you're in the market for a Barnstable excavation contractor, you're starting in the right spot. That's because the pros here at Sweeney Excavating are dedicated to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

We offer a variety of services so we can take care of your project with skill and expertise. No job is too big or small and we work with both residential and commercial clients.

So if you have a home or business in the Barnstable area and need excavation or septic system related work done, give us a call. We care about providing exceptional results for every customer we work with, for every job we take on.

Best in Professional Site Development

Among the services we offer our Barnstable customers is site development. That's the only way you can begin the building process.

  • Lot packages begin with clearing. One of the biggest aspects of this step in the site development process is tree clearing, including stumps.
  • After clearing, then it's time to excavate to dig the foundation and grade for footings. This is how it starts for residential or commercial buildings.
  • Once the concrete foundation is poured then it's time to backfill and then compact the backfill. This is about time when we also install the septic system.

The point is that we can take care of the many facets that are involved with site development and getting the foundation and septic system in place. It's easier and more cost-effective to get as much work done by the same contractor instead of hiring multiple professionals.

For all of your excavation contractor service needs in Barnstable, contact us to get the job done.

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