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The Excavating Company in Plymouth That You Can Trust

When it comes to finding the right Plymouth excavation contractor, you've come to the right place. Sweeney Excavating has been taking care of local area home and business owners with expert skill and precision since 2014.

We take this line of work seriously and that shows in the results we're able to get for our customers, for every job we do. There's no reason to settle for less than the best when it comes to any type of work you've done for your Plymouth home or business.

We're professionals who work closely with each customer in order to make sure you get the results you want. This is how we can ensure that you get the satisfaction you should be able to for the work you have completed.

Excavation Experts at Your Service

Before any job can start, more than likely you'll need excavation. If it's installation or construction, you'll have to first work with a Plymouth excavation contractor.

  • We dig foundations. This means we literally make it possible for the foundation of any building to be set in place.
  • We clear the site, or set up site development. That could mean taking out an old building or trees that are in the way. It's about getting the space ready for the foundation.
  • We also take care of preparations to have a septic system installed. The good news is that, beyond the excavation, we can also install the system for you as well.
  • Excavation work is also required for preparing the space to install a driveway. Or maybe you even have an old driveway being replaced, excavation is necessary for that.

The bottom line is that we offer a wide variety of essential services. Contact us right now for all of the services you need from a Plymouth excavation contractor.

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