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The Excavating Company in Marshfield That You Can Trust

For all of your Marshfield excavation contractor services, give the team of pros here at Sweeney Excavating a call. This type of work should only be carried out by an industry expert with licensing and insurance.

Our team has more than that, we also have the experience required to guarantee you superior results. We promise to go above and beyond to deliver the level of quality results you deserve.

Marshfield home and business owners can rely on us to get the job done. We take this type of service seriously and to shows in the results we're able to deliver, every single time.

Hardscapes for Your Home

One of the most commonly requested services we offer Marshfield customers is our hardscapes. These are "hard" or affixed elements of your landscape design that are functional as well as enhance the visual aesthetics.

We offer services like:

  • Walkways - Having a visible and safe pathway outside your home to use is a good way to ensure that you, your family, and your guests won't slip and fall. It also prevents people from walking on your lawn and destroying your grass.
  • Patios - It's nice to have an outdoor living space to spend time in and entertain guests. It enables you to enjoy your home, beyond your four interior walls.
  • Fire Pits - A great feature to add to an outdoor living space is a fire pit. This provides you with warmth, light, and beauty.
  • Outdoor Kitchens - Outdoor kitchens enable homeowners to entertain and cook, especially foods they may not attempt inside the home. This is especially true of foods that create a smell that would linger inside the home, like fish.
  • Granite Steps - Many people prefer granite steps because they are as beautiful as they are durable.
  • Paver Driveways - Even your driveway should be stunning to look at and it will be with pavers.

When you need an excavation contractor in the Marshfield area, give our team of experts a call.

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