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Sweeney Excavating: Falmouth's Premier Excavating Company

When you're in the market for an excavation contractor in the Falmouth area, will you know who to call? Sweeney Excavating is a local leader in the industry but it's our dedication to customer satisfaction that has helped make such a tremendous difference.

Our job might be to supply you with excavation related service but our goal is to ensure that you're expectations are met and exceeded. We pride ourselves on treating you the way we'd want to be treated, if not better.

We make it a point to partner closely with each of our Falmouth customers in order to achieve the desired results. You should be able to feel confident about the quality of work you'll be receiving and with us you can.

Are You Taking Care of Your Septic System?

Falmouth homeowners can get better performance and extended longevity from their septic system, if they just knew how. It's easy to ignore mistakes you may be making in relation to this system because you can't see the potential damage it's causing.

So what should you be doing to take care of your new system after we install it to prevent needing repairs or replacement, anytime soon?

  • Grease doesn't belong anywhere in your system, not a single drop. Have a container under the sink to our grease in or dump it in the trash once it begins to cool. Grease that goes down the drain then congeals as it cools and causes clogs.
  • Think about how you do your laundry. First, make sure you're using detergent that's safe for septic systems. Secondly try not to do too much laundry at once. It's actually better for your system if you spread it out over the course of a few days than all at once.
  • Don't make the mistake of flushing "flushable" cat litter down the drain if you have a septic system. It's not worth the convenience to end up with major repair needs.

For all of your Falmouth excavation contractor services, call us immediately.

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